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Rubber Flooring


Rubber Flooring

What is Rubber Flooring?

Rubber is a fiber from plants. Natural rubber is made from the sap of trees. Synthetic rubber is produced by the chemical industry from oil. Both types are versatile substances. 20. Throughout the century, advances in chemistry allowed the artificial version to be made using the rubber in the oil. 2/3 of the 18 million tons of rubber produced every year is synthetic. Limited usage only in playgrounds Although not, they are also used in stables, stud farms, volleyball, basketball, multi-purpose sports fields, running and walking paths.

Rubber Flooring Prices

Rubber Flooring prices vary according to the type of coating. There are two types of rubber flooring. The first of these is cast rubber (floor covering and the other is tile (sheet) rubber floor covering.SBR or EPDM Rubber floor coverings (puzzle rubber, brick rubber, cast rubber, tile rubber, roll rubber, hexagonal rubber, ballistic rubber, lock rubber, The prices of block rubber, bulk rubber, polygon rubber) vary according to the variety of related products. Floor Covering Workmanship and Transportation Costs should also be calculated.

Rubber Flooring Benefits

Our company, which contributes to domestic production and domestic employment by using environmentally friendly raw materials, exports its products to 43 countries of the world with its high quality products and export success. Rubber flooring our products are of high quality With its special elasticity coefficients, it not only prevents injuries and sports accidents, but also offers a protective health service that positively contributes to your health.

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