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Features Of The Chıldrens Playground

Features Of The Chıldrens Playground

Features Of The Chıldrens Playground

Children's playgrounds are an important factor for the physical and mental development of children, and they also help to strengthen children's imaginations.

Playgrounds are a favorite place for many children. Playgrounds are widely used today. However, some of them are done without taking the necessary safety precautions. Also, there are not enough cars in the parks. As a Turkey manufacturer of outdoor playground equipment, we give more importance to your safety and increase our product range.


          The most important elements to be considered in the playgrounds are;

• The material used is robust,

• The ground is soft,

• High level of security measures,

• Durability, that is, long-term,

As GEZEGEN X, we pay attention to each of these details separately. Safety is the most important factor in playgrounds as there is a constant hustle and bustle between children. We care about your safety and we have taken the necessary safety measures to ensure that your child can play comfortably in the park without attracting attention.

Rubber floors should be used instead of sand or concrete floors in children's playgrounds. As GEZEGEN X, we use rubber flooring in our playgrounds and we are among the Turkish rubber flooring suppliers and manufacturers. As GEZGEN X, our ultimate goal in using rubber flooring is to minimize injuries on playgrounds as much as possible.

 As GEZEGEN X, we offer you an aesthetic appearance in our playgrounds or other products and we are improving ourselves in this regard. We operate in many areas with our playgrounds or other products. As Turkish outdoor playground manufacturers and suppliers, we offer you the best in the best way with our experience and knowledge in this regard.

Playgrounds can be public or private. Playgrounds that are open to the public are open to everyone, we can give examples of playgrounds by the roadside or on the streets. Private parks that are not open to the public are restaurants, etc. are playgrounds used in places. GEZEGEN X, which is among the playground manufacturers in Turkey, offers you a playground that can adapt to any space.

As GEZEGEN X, we also attach importance to the diversity of our products. Today, unfortunately, the same entertainment tools are used in every playground. Increasing the product range of amusement equipment used in playgrounds and providing a better environment for your children is one of our goals as a playground manufacturer in Turkey.

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