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What is a Children's Playground?

Children's Playground is, as the name suggests, socializing environments where children have fun. Since the purpose of playgroups is to educate the child with games rather than teaching them something, they are generally an environment that children enjoy. Children's playgroups may differ according to the materials used, the number of towers or their manufacturing methods. As a necessity of raising healthy generations, our children act with the awareness of contributing to their physical, mental and social development while playing.

Children Playground Prices

Children's playgroup prices, the number of towers, the addition of game equipment such as slides, swings, and cottages, discounts are applied according to the number of orders in children's play groups. Gezegen X Urban Furniture, TOKI, site living areas, hotels, motels, holiday sites, holiday villages, educational institutions and municipalities, in short, prepare unique spaces for children wherever children are. Our playground materials are guaranteed for 2 years against assembly and manufacturing defects, Our company has manufacturer product liability insurance.

Children's Playground Benefits

Children's playgroups for a modern and sustainable city, new safe playgrounds for children, in this context, for children who are the guarantee of the future, to have fun in safety and peace, Gezegen X Urban Furniture , we realize the dreams of our children with children's playgrounds , urban furniture and playground equipment. We are aware of how important and responsible our work is. We; We are determined to make our cities, parks, gardens, in short, everywhere we look beautiful and we add color to the planet ...
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