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100 * 100 * 2 CM Tile Rubber Flooring

100 * 100 * 2 CM Tile Rubber Flooring


Rubber Flooring – Tile Floor 100*100*2 CM, produced from TSE 1177 certified material. Tile Rubber floor coverings are used for floor protection and sound insulation in walking areas, children's playgrounds, sports facilities, fitness and gymnasiums.

Tile Rubber Flooring Features

The 2 cm thick Tile rubber flooring is recommended for boxes, walkers, production areas, corridors or medical areas for extremely demanding loads, especially large or valuable.
Our 100*100 Tile rubber stable coatings are produced not by vulcanization, but by a special procedure from rubber grains, therefore Planet X Tile Rubber Floorings provide excellent comfort, load capacity and abrasion resistance. Extra layers of insulation are of paramount importance, especially on long, cold winter nights.
  • To provide ergonomics and shock absorption properties to protect athletes' joints.
  • Having anti-slip properties to minimize the risk of slipping and other injury.
  • To ensure that the equipment used is not damaged, you can minimize the replacement cost required.
  • To prevent damage to the foundation floor from heavy impacts and to keep repair costs to a minimum.
  • To offer a single surface that allows for different training methods.
  • Reducing startup costs by keeping setup costs very low.
  • To provide vibration and sound insulation in high-rise buildings so that users can do their favorite exercises in a less noisy environment.

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